Click here for a map of the Missouri Coverage Area.

GoodRadio.TV is a newly formed broadcasting company with radio and television stations in small and medium-sized markets. They are proud to be a part of the communities with an objective of providing service to both the audience and advertisers.

If you would like to contact them, please send an email to

Sixteen former Shepherd Enterprises stations are included in the broadcasting group covering the state of Missouri:  KWIX-1230AM in Moberly, KRES-104.7FM in Moberly, KIRK-99.9FM in Macon, KJPW-102.3FM/1390AM in Waynesville, KFBD 97.9FM and KOZQ 1270 AM in Waynesville, KJEL-103.7FM in Lebanon, KBNN-750AM in Lebanon, KJFF-1400AM in Festus, KREI-800AM in Farmington, KAAN-95.5FM/870AM in Bethany, KMRN-1360AM in Cameron, KKWK-100.1FM in Cameron, and KTJJ-98.5FM in Farmington.

Listeners rely on the stations for news, weather, sports, and farm information.  Whether itís a County Fair, a high school, college, or professional sporting event, severe weather coverage, or highlights from the local city council meeting, listeners tune in to the Shepherd Group of Stations. In fact, each year, KWIX/KRES/KIRK alone broadcasts over 350 local high school and college sporting events representing 53 high schools and four colleges, and over 70 county fairs and festivals in our 20 county coverage area. KRES was also the first broadcast station in Missouri with Doppler Weather Radar.

Listeners also have a chance to be a part of the programming by participating in several call-in shows each week. Whether itís finding a specific recipe, getting an answer to a medical question, help with gardening, sports, selling an item, or general interest questions, our listeners are an integral part of our programming.